Nowadays our life has become too busy & stressful. In this stressful & fast life  when we feel some kind of special attraction to someone we can be confused that is it LOVE or some kind of TEMPORARY ATTRACTION?

But only TIME has its answer. In this stressful & fast life our heart & mind subconsciously always want a break or way out of this situation, we want to be HAPPY inside but our life never gives us that space or time to be relaxed & enjoy our life. In this kind of situation when we meet someone for whom we develop some kind of feelings that feeling & that person becomes our matter of happiness. Initially, we love to spend time more & more with that person, because the initial excitement factor makes a relationship alive & relax. It becomes a kind of way out or entertainment for us. We don't know each other properly so initially, the mystery factor lies in the relationship. We want to know more & more about each other, we want to explore more & more fun activities together which makes our relationship exciting.
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But the bitter truth of life is nothing remains the same always. After knowing each other fully, the excitement fade away. Everything becomes the same & boring again & we become confused was it LOVE or TEMPORARY ATTRACTION?
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After all, we all are different human beings, we all have different opinions. Till our opinions are same the other person looks like our soulmate, but when we tell about our different opinion which is not similar, we become confused about our relationship.
This is a love couple pic

This is the main difference between LOVE & TEMPORARY ATTRACTION. The person who loves us accept us loves us equally rather than judging us for our different opinion. True love never fades away with time. True love always increases with time. When we truly, deeply, madly love someone,  his/her happiness becomes more important to us rather than ours'. In each & every situation, each & every up & down of life who loves us genuinely never leaves us. If it's a TEMPORARY ATTRACTION our heart can't accept the person in our life anymore after knowing his/her shortcomings.
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LOVE is very pure, divine. It has no logic, no selfishness. TEMPORARY ATTRACTION may be a part of life but LOVE is the whole life. When we genuinely love someone we become inseparable with that person, we can't see our life without that person. We love the person as it is.
So guys if there is anyone in your life with whom you feel this kind of inseparable bond then yes it is love. I hope this article is beneficial for you guys to understand  your feelings about the special person in your life.

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